Cold Porcelain: A Hot Affair

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

by Monica La Porta

Modeling with homemade dough has been one of my favorite hobbies for the last twenty years. I started with salt dough and ended up finding my true love with the haughty-sounding cold porcelain, which is such just in name.

A concoction of cornstarch flour and glue, cold porcelain is the perfect homemade dough: it is cheap to make, it dries completely when exposed to the air, and it is durable. I have pieces made more than ten years ago that are still perfect.

Playing with a fresh batch of translucent-white cold porcelain is my personal anti-stress therapy. Imagine after having a bad day to get hold of an amorphous lump of pure possibilities and let your mind wander. I have created hundreds of flower petals this way, rolling a drop of dough between thumb and index, flattening the edges until they take a definite shape while letting the daily sorrows fade away.

Sometimes the end result is a rose, others a mum or a lily. And once they are dry, one day or two later, I look at them and wonder what shade of pink, orange, red, or yellow I’m going to use to give them life.

And when I’m done playing with my little creations, I feel everything is just fine.

About me:

Born and raised in Italy, I moved to Washington State twelve years ago where I found the perfect weather for writing. Despite several obstacles in its path, The Priest, first installment of the Ginecean Chronicles, is soon to be published.

About cold porcelain:

Modeling with cold porcelain is so much fun that I had to share my recipe with the rest of the world. If you are interested, here  is where you can find it.

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